Click on the titles below to see how each book has evolved.

Number Title 1st Copyright Original Title
1 The Swamp Robber 1940 The Sugar Creek Gang
2 The Killer Bear 1940 We Killed a Bear
3 The Winter Rescue 1940 Further Adventures of the Sugar Creek Gang
4 The Lost Campers 1941 The Sugar Creek Gang Goes Camping
5 The Chicago Adventure 1941 The Sugar Creek Gang in Chicago
6 The Secret Hideout 1942 The Sugar Creek Gang in School
7 The Mystery Cave 1943 Mystery at Sugar Creek
8 The Palm Tree Manhunt 1944 The Sugar Creek Gang Flies to Cuba, on Palm Tree Island
9 One Stormy Day 1946 One Stormy Day at Sugar Creek
10 The Mystery Thief 1946 A New Sugar Creek Mystery
11 Teacher Trouble 1947 Shenanigans at Sugar Creek
12 Screams in the Night 1947 The Sugar Creek Gang Goes North
13 The Indian Cemetery 1947 Adventure in an Indian Cemetery
14 The Treasure Hunt 1948 The Sugar Creek Gang Digs for Treasure
15 The Thousand Dollar Fish 1948 North Woods Manhunt
16 The Haunted House 1949 The Haunted House at Sugar Creek
17 Lost in the Blizzard 1950 Lost in a Sugar Creek Blizzard
18 On the Mexican Border 1950 The Sugar Creek Gang on the Mexican Border
19 The Green Tent Mystery 1950 The Green Tent Mystery at Sugar Creek
20 The Bull Fighter 1952 10,000 Minutes at Sugar Creek
21 The Trapline Thief 1953 The Trap Line Thief at Sugar Creek
22 The Blue Cow 1953 Blue Cow at Sugar Creek
23 The Watermelon Mystery 1955 Watermelon Mystery at Sugar Creek
24 The Tree House Mystery 1957 Old Stranger's Secret at Sugar Creek
25 The Timber Wolf 1957 The Sugar Creek Gang at Snow Goose Lodge
26 Western Adventure 1957 Sugar Creek Gang Goes Western
27 The Killer Cat 1958 We Killed a Wildcat at Sugar Creek
28 Locked in the Attic 1959 Down a Sugar Creek Chimney
29 The Colorado Kidnapping 1959 Wild Horse Canyon Mystery
30 The Runaway Rescue 1960 Runaway Rescue at Sugar Creek
31 The Cemetery Vandals 1961 The Worm Turns at Sugar Creek
32 The Battle of the Bees 1962 Sleeping Beauty at Sugar Creek
33 The Case of the Missing Calf 1964
34 The Ghost Dog 1968 Howling Dog in the Sugar Creek Swamp
35 The White Boat Rescue 1969 White Boat Rescue at Sugar Creek
36 The Brown Box Mystery 1970