Original Title:
Runaway Rescue at Sugar Creek

Plot description from the Sugar Creek Press edition:
A girl's red slip-on slipper is found in the swamp at the edge of the muskrat pond. Interest leaps into flame for the Gang when one of them finds the shoe's mate near the sycamore tree at the mouth of the cave. Has there been a kidnapping or what? The boys soon find out in one of the most baffling mysteries they've ever tried to solve. Youngsters will love this newest thriller about their favorite fictional characters, and will be favorably influenced by the wholesome character-building truths which are part of the story.

Plot description from the 1990's Moody edition:
A pair of red shoes lying in the mud launches the Sugar Creek Gang into the red shoe mystery. Could the helicopter flying low overhead have anything to do with the shoes? Will the Sugar Creek Gang be able to rescue the runaway before her injuries kill her? Find out with the Sugar Creek Gang how strong the love of a father is for a prodigal child.

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