Original Title:
We Killed a Wildcat at Sugar Creek

Plot description from the Scripture Press edition:
When the "emergency ring" on the party line upset a quiet breakfast in the Collins' home it was only the beginning of some exciting experience for the Sugar Creek Gang. Bill Collins was not allowed to do any target practicing, but that did not stop the Gang from stalking a vicious lamb-killing, pig-stealing night raider - with a hound pup.

Plot description from the 1990's Moody edition:
A savage-tempered wildcat enters Sugar Creek territory and stirs up lots of trouble. Before the adventure ends, the wildcat kills many prized animals. Bill Collins spends part of the time home alone with only God and his Savage .22 rifle to protect him. In the end, an unlikely hero saves Little Jim from certain tragedy. Follow the Sugar Creek Gang as they walk Jesus' narrow trail and try to avoid the "rabbit trails" that tempt them away.

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