Original Title:
10,000 Minutes at Sugar Creek

Plot description from the Van Kampen edition:
Life with Wally, Bill Collins' city cousin, and Alexander, his dog, may not have been peaceful, but neither was it dull. They took the Sugar Creek Gang on a round of adventures that made these 10,000 minutes the most exciting week of their lives. The days are filled with fun, thrills, danger, and finally, of joy and contentment, as Wally is sincerely welcomed into the Gang as a member.

Plot description from the 1990's Moody edition:
10,080 minutes fly fast when Bill's cousin Wally and his copper-colored dog Alexander come for a visit. Alexander manages to tangle with all kinds of wildlife from skunks and snapping turtles to a giant red bull. A late night visit from some mysterious strangers leads to a priceless gift for Wally. Come along with the Sugar Creek Gang and you'll learn that following Jesus is just as important for city boys as it is for country boys.

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