Plot description from the Sugar Creek Press edition:
Black vultures soaring in silent circles in the afternoon sky, tree frogs trilling in the shadows of the Sugar Creek swamp, ten thousand honey-bees gathering pollen in the linden tree - the fragrance of new-mown hay and wild flowers everywhere... It was a lazy day for the equally lazy boys of the Gang until....! Into this peaceful setting came a sudden storm - nature on a rampage, and cattle rustlers! Minds and muscles fly into typical Sugar Creek action, and the story leaps into a series of dramatic and sometimes dangerous episodes. Here is one of the finest Sugar Creek mysteries to date, with interwoven character-building truths; and the gospel of Christ is unmistakably clear.

Plot description from the 1990's Moody edition:
Little Jim's calf Wandering Winnie has vanished into thin air. Has someone stolen her? Will Little Jim's offer of a $100 reward help lead to her recovery? Is Wandering Winnie the carcass dumped in the swamp or the calf riding in the back of the pickup truck with the mysterious couple? All these questions are answered in The Case of the Missing Calf. This installment of the Sugar Creek Gang series also gives a wonderful example of the power of sacrificial love.

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