Original Title:
Sleeping Beauty at Sugar Creek

Plot description from the Sugar Creek Press edition:
The Gang had planned to spend a night in Old Man Paddler's cabin in the hills....There was plenty of action that required both mind and muscle, -and there was a new and different kind of mystery. Boys and girls who love adventures in the out-of-doors, who enjoy learning the secrets of Nature - and who don't mind a lot of nerve-tingling experiences - will devour this book. Written for youngsters - yes; but oldsters will enjoy it as much or more.

Plot description from the 1990's Moody edition:
An innocent game of softball in Bill Collins's barnyard nearly turns fatal. Bill's little sister Charlotte Ann follows him too close to the beehives. Can he or his friend Circus save her from the angry bees? Come along with the Sugar Creek Gang as they learn the importance of honoring your father and mother.

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