Original Title:
Blue Cow at Sugar Creek

Plot description from the Van Kampen edition:
The corner of Old Man Paddler's woods near the spring "belonged" to the Sugar Creek Gang, but now there was an intruder stampeding through this area. Bill Collins can't make up his mind whether to be sorry for this creature who has had a recent tragedy in her life, or whether to treat her as an enemy because she belongs to the rival gang.

Plot description from the 1990's Moody edition:
Bill and Poetry catch the biggest fish ever to swim in Sugar Creek and then are nearly run over by a stampeding blue cow. Shorty Long's fence-crossing cow brings all kinds of adventure to the Sugar Creek Gang. Bill and Shorty mix it up several times, but a crisis with the cow brings the two boys together. See the power of prayer as Bill and his mother fight to save the life of Shorty's blue cow.

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