Original Title:
The Trap Line Thief at Sugar Creek

Plot description from the Van Kampen edition:
Refreshingly humorous, educational and, as always in a Sugar Creek story, filled with a reverent atmosphere of faith in God . . . AND there's excitement aplenty for the adventure-loving youngster. Who was the mysterious invader of the Sugar Creek trap line? Who were the Hallowe'en pranksters?

Plot description from the 1990's Moody edition:
Someone is stealing muskrats from Circus's traps. When the Sugar Creek Gang follows his hunting dog Old Jay, they discover much more than a raccoon trapped in a tree. This Indian summer adventure includes Halloween pranks, a wild truck ride through an apple orchard, and some genuine fistfights. Everything isn't always what it appears to be on the surface as the Sugar Creek Gang learns that honesty is more than just the best policy... it's the way God commands us to live.

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