Paul's parents Ira and Eva continued to live on the farm in their later years. Paul's nephew Jack remembers many times when "Grandpa" Hutchens would allow him to ride one of their horses into Thorntown.

Paul and Jane's first car, a 1925 Chevrolet.

Paul travelled to different parts of the country to get ideas for his books. Below left, Jane rides the world's longest chair lift on Ajax mountain in Colorado. Below right, the Sugar Creek Gang book it was featured in.

Pauline and Kyle's wedding.

In the Sugar Creek Gang books, the Collins family owned a big dictionary nicknamed "Aunt Miriam." Paul actually owned a similar dictionary. Below left, Paul working on a book and looking up a word in "Aunt Miriam." Below right, "Aunt Miriam" as she looks today, proudly displayed in Pauline's home.

Pauline has a wall in her home where many momentos from the family business are displayed.

Pauline and I.

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