* A big thanks to the following people who have helped me create this site! *

Paul Hutchens
Indirectly through his autobiography.

William Luck
Indirectly through his article in Moody magazine, October 1984.

William Russell (and his daughter Patty)
Directly and indirectly through his article in Yellowback magazine, June 1988.

Heather Idoni
Owner of Beloved Books.

Pauline Wilson & Dawn Shelton
Paul's daughter and granddaughter.
(Pictured: Kyle & Pauline, Dawn & Lee, Sheila & Me)

Jack & Jean Hutchens
Paul's nephew and his wife.

Don Stewart
Sugar Creek Gang Illustrator.

Roy Dawes
The Pilot.

John & Mary Jane Gunter

Tom & Harley Barta

Ginger Claremohr

Larry Shackley
The voice of Big Jim.

Danielle Pospisil
Host of "Just For Kids" on WMBI-AM1110.

Tina Mannor & Brian Mannor
My sister, and my brother (who became the face of Big Jim).

Pat Mannor
My mother.

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