The premise behind the new series:
Drawn together by a love for the best-selling Sugar Creek Gang books and a knack for finding trouble, Les, Bits, Tiny, Lynn, and Mike form a New Sugar Creek Gang - and find themselves in the middle of a whole new bunch of adventures!

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1 The Case of the Red Hot Possum
2 The Big Bike Mystery
3 The Case of the Cold Turkey
4 The Case of the Dinosaur in the Desert
5 The Case of the Loony Cruise
6 The Case of the Monster in the Creek

Pauline Hutchens Wilson - As mentioned elsewhere on this site, Pauline is Paul Hutchens' daughter, and has raised five children with her husband Kyle. Pauline is a bible study leader, retreat speaker, singer, and songwriter. She also works as a senior model for four advertising agencies.
Sandy Dengler - Sandy is a freelance writer who has written several articles, and over forty books for children and adults, including historical fiction, biographies, and mysteries. She and her husband, William, live in Oklahoma, and have two children.